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Plüssmanufaktúra? Mitől lesz minőségi az a játék, ami kézzel készül?

Plush manufactory? What makes a handmade toy quality? 

Maybe you or a close friend of yours has already dealt with poor quality games. What did you recognize them for? Take, for example, plush figures, which are usually colored on the outside. A poor quality toy quickly loses its original hue, you just squeeze into the water and the water gets painted, which means you’ve come across a very low quality product. Then there's the filler. A conscientious manufacturer or maker puts good quality cotton wool / batting in the plush toys, while others put weak cotton, which can cause the toy to lose its shape very quickly, or even tear it off. 

If you want to buy a plush toy, you have to look for the source, the maker, where you are guaranteed to get a quality that you can put your greatest treasure in the hands of your child with a calm heart. Don’t think the price will be high because if the quality is good, then you have to choose it. 

What makes a plush made in a plush manufactory of good quality? 

  • First of all, the point is that it is made by hand. It is easy to see that a carefully sewn toy sewn from stitch to stitch, cherished almost throughout the production process, will certainly be more beautiful, visual and functionally high quality, as if it were going on a production line, with machines, for quantitative production.

  • The other aspect is the time spent on preparation. In a plush manufactory, it is not an advantage for as many finished products as possible to roll into the transport boxes from the assembly line every second, in fact! During the manual making, the maker works into the product the calmness and care that characterizes the whole making. He shapes and fits meticulously, creating the final shape from hand to hand, while constantly checking, refining and guiding the result towards the perfect. It does take a long time, but every minute spent is worth it, as our children deserve the best.

  • And the use of materials? In a plush manufactory, care is taken to ensure that the quality is also reflected in the raw materials; soft but non-hairy materials, pleasant to the touch, color and shape retention should characterize products where durability is essential to make that plush animal look like it did when you bought it, even after years of active use.  

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