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Our Magic

Each beauty is made into a single, unrepeatable copy, which is numbered. We believe this will make you much more valuable and esteemed both when you give and when you receive.

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Good work takes time, and we sacrifice a lot of creative minutes, caring hours to really enjoy a fabulous end result. While we’re in no hurry to do anything, your order will definitely arrive in 5-7 days.

We make all the little friends by hand, with care, meticulously, from stitch to stitch, with love, so you can be sure of the sophistication and quality of the workmanship.

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We do not produce surpluses, we use all small pieces of material and pieces of textile. Our environmental awareness is also reflected in the use of packaging materials, as we only send you your orders in recycled paper.

Quality is also reflected in the use of materials. We choose the finest fabrics and yarns with great care to make every piece just as magical to touch,
like to admire with eyes.

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We will also be happy to conjure up your own ideas in the end result if you have a favorite animal figure, color, material, or any moment with which you want to make the finished game more unique.

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About Us

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I'm Krisztina Gulyás. Wizard.
I’ll tell you how I came up with this special ability. We wrote 2013 when, as CFO, after work, in the evenings, I sewed a teddy horse for my daughter Bogi’s birthday. Bogi has been riding since he was 2 and a half years old, he loves horses, so with us, from clothes to murals to mugs, everything is equestrian. He was given to make it a gift for him too; His name was Bubble. I didn’t have a hard time, since I’ve been interested in crafts since I was a kid; I learned a lot from my grandmother and mother to sew, knit and crochet. So I sat down and dreamed of Bubble. At night, in the living room, secretly dressed.
So the first Magic HORSE was made, then a next one for the girlfriend, and then a third one for another girlfriend.

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Shipping Information

Do not worry! Orders always arrive on time, so you can keep track of the miracles you order within 5-7 business days. ☺ You have to wait a little longer for individual spells; in case of special needs, you will have the requested product within 14 days. The delivery is always performed by the GLS courier service, you charge HUF 1,500 in addition to the value of the ordered product for the delivery cost.

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If any friend is harmed as a result of use, send it back to us so we can heal it. ☺ Contact us at our Because we love plush favorites and know that such a plush little friend is irreplaceable for children, we are happy to heal those you didn’t buy from us. In this case, send us a photo as well. You get a unique quote for it.

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Gift Cards

How could you express your love better than with a plush gift made with heart and soul? It will be a perfect surprise for any occasion. If you can’t choose from the many beauties, you’re unsure which little plush toy your giver would be most happy with, ask for our gift card.
If you require a gift card, please contact us at