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Miért fontos, hogy megfelelő plüssjátékot válasszunk gyermekünknek? 

Why is it important to choose the right plush toy for our child? 

Almost every kid, be it a boy or a girl, loves stuffed animals.
Surely they all have a soft, stuffed, skinny pet. Of course, girls also have babies, and boys love cars, but in the evening, before going to bed, they look for their favorite teddy bear, a horse. Even if they are traveling or have to go to the ovi.

Maybe one of the ears is already hanging to the ground, worn too, and maybe even the eyes are not old… Then one day Mom takes another horse. Finally a new one, Mom thinks, "Trash this old one, don't make fun of her anymore!" This new one is also plush, and this is also a horse, it will definitely be good. But mom can't understand that. Because even then, only those with hanging ears need to be worn out! The one whose eyes are no longer the old…

How can a child be so attached to an ancient, skinned stuffed animal?
In infancy, the most important aspect of social development is the development of attachment. Children are not only attached to certain people, such as mother and father, grandparents, etc., but also to objects. For example, a stuffed animal can give comfort to a baby if it is sad, nervous, helps the child mentally feel safe.

Plush animals = close friends of children
In the eyes of adults, stuffed animals have no life, no emotions, just ordinary objects. In the child’s eyes, however, the plush animal embodies a best friend since he was a child. When the child is scared and angry, he talks to his plush animal about his little secret, even if the plush toy can’t give a real answer. Yet it can bring psychological help to the child.

That's why, dear mother, you have to understand that you can't just replace a worn-out stuffed animal. So it is very important that that one, eternal and true friend is made of good quality, durable, quality materials, with love, because you buy for the long term.

What should you look for when buying your first plush toys?
1. Choose individual products that promise a guarantee of quality, preferably handmade. 
2. The size of the stuffed animal should be appropriate for the toddler to comfortably hug and play with.
3. Be sure to choose an age-appropriate plush animal, such as a baby that has no swallowable part.
4. Bathe the stuffed animals regularly in the presence of your child, also dry them, so you can keep their cleanliness and beauty permanently. 

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